Norwegian War Memorial

‘You gave us a safe haven in our common struggle for freedom and peace,’ reads the inscription on this simple block of Norwegian granite. It was presented in 1978 by the country’s navy and merchant navy fleet - many of whose ships and men fled to Britain in 1940 when Nazi Germany invaded Norway.

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The Old Police House

Built in 1902, this lovely Queen Anne-style building is the home of the Royal Parks Agency. The parks police force, part of the Metropolitan Police, traces its origins to the Royal Parks Keepers of 1872, one of whose Inspectors, Samuel Parkes, had won the Victoria Cross in the Charge of the Light Brigade in 1854.

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Bought by King Henry VIII from the monks of Westminster for use as a hunting ground, the park was opened to the public by King Charles in the 1630s. In the 1730s, Queen Caroline used the Westbourne River to make the Serpentine.

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Queen Caroline Memorial

Queen Caroline was the beloved wife of George II. Dying with an infection after a hernia operation in 1737, she urged the king to marry again, but he said: ‘No! I shall have mistresses instead.’ This urn – unveiled by the Queen in 1990 – marks her vision in creating the Serpentine lake, which it overlooks.

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Vijianagram Fountain

‘A Fountain Given By His Highness The Hon Maharajah Meerza Vijiaram Gajapati Raj Maneah Sooltan Bahadoor Of Vijianagram KCSI Stood On This Site From 1867 Until 1964.’ After the cholera epidemic of 1854, fountains were a welcome gift. Cowasji Jehangir Readymoney gave one to Regent’s Park in 1869.

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Pet Cemetery

The first burial here was in the 1880s of Cherry, the pet terrier of Mr and Mrs Bernard. The Duke of Cambridge (1819-1904), commander-in-chief of the army – after whom many English pubs are named – buried his wife’s dog Prince here, starting a fashion that lasted until space ran out in 1915 after 300 burials.

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This nude by Jacob Epstein caused great controversy, being tarred and feathered in 1929 after a similar attack on Peter Pan after a heated public debate on the relative merits of both. This bird garden is dedicated to the naturalist and writer William
H Hudson; Rima, the bird-girl, was one of his characters.

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