Keep an eye out above and  around you and you never know what you will spot on a street in London, with signs dating back to the Second World war – or even longer. The oldest street marker is ‘Yorke Street 1636’(see below) in what is now Tavistock Street, Covent Garden.

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Yorke Street 1636

I walked this street many times before I eventually spotted this sign on high.

34 Tavistock Street SW1
Tube: Covent Garden

Cowley Street

Bearing the date 1722, this is one of the oldest street name markers in London.

Cowley Street SW1
Tube: Westminster

Smith’s Square

The date is 1726, the year Isaac Newton developed his theory of gravity.

Smith Square SW1
Tube: Westminster

Bomb Shelter

Dating to 1940, this is one of the last survivors of a common sight during WWII.

Smith Square SW1
Tube: Westminster

Walk Your Horse

A low archway - and all drivers of vehicles are directed to walk their horses.

Cheyne Walk SW3

Tube: Sloane Square

Commit No Nuisance

A lovely turn of phrase in a quaint, Dickensian street in Southwark.

Doyce Street SE1
Tube: Borough

In Case Of Fire...

Apply For The Key Of The Engine Shed... Hopefully, the fire was going to wait for you.

Christ Church E1
Tube: Aldgate East


You have to go onto the beach under the Millennium Bridge to see this. Exciting.

Bankside SE1
Tube: Blackfriars

Stick No BIlls

Almost impossible to see in the gloom under the railway arches of London Bridge.

Weston Street SE1
Tube: London Bridge

This Wall

‘THIS WALL the Property of
T CHANCELLOR Built 1824.’ So don’t try stealing it...

Ansdell Street W8
Tube: High Street Kensington

Less Noise Please

Consider Offices Above’, full of people who think you are already making a noise.

Thames Path, London Bridge
Tube: London Bridge

The Porters Have Orders

Make a noise and the Porters and Police will remove all Persons disturbing the peace.

Lincoln’s Inn
Tube: Chancery Lane