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St. Bart’s the Great & Smithfield.

Transforming King’s Cross & St. Pancras.

Tracking Crossrail - Part 1: Paddington to Bond Street.

City of London ceremonies.

City of London Ceremonies (2)

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Guided Walks 2016 1 2


Sunday 4 Sept. 2.30-4.30 pm

‘Finchley Goes to War’

Explore the impact of the First World War in a ‘typical’ London suburb.

In many ways, the north London suburb of Finchley is typical of many communities in those difficult times. Men were recruited to serve, letters were sent home, hospital staff nursed them when injured, families tried to keep going in their absence on duty. Later, memorials were erected in honour of service and to remember the ‘glorious dead’. A typical community, yet on this walk we’ll also explore so much more about life during ‘The Great War’ that you may not have expected to find in an ordinary suburb:

– street where the very first British soldier to die in this war grew up
– green fields where cows sustained local residents and still graze today
– grand home of a leading industrialist and MP, whose stationery products were used in everyday correspondence between armed servicemen and their families (today, an interesting small museum and fine gardens)
– hall converted to use as a hospital for injured troops
– school, whose cadet corps’ young pupils and staff so typically went on to serve their country
– community hospital dedicated to eternal memory of the fallen from the Finchley area
– memorial celebrating one of the turning points on the Western Front; learn about the battle and why this dramatic French statue was erected in Finchley.

Meet at ‘The Naked Lady’ statue near Henly’s Corner, details will be confirmed after you book.

Book via Eventbrite: Finchley Goes to War

Thursday 8 Sept. 2.30-4.30 pm

‘The Great Fires of London: from Boudicca to Braidwood’

Discovering the story of the Great Fire of Sept. 1666 and other fires that redefined London.

350 years ago ‘The Great Fire’ devastated the city and shaped our modern capital. Yet this was not London’s deadliest fire. Why and when did other notable fires occur, and with what consequences?
This walk rakes over the ashes of London’s conflagrations and includes the story of those searing events of 1666.

Meet in the City, end near London Bridge; details will be confirmed after you book.

Book on JW3.org.uk: Great Fire walk – book via JW3.org.uk

Thursday 6 Oct. 6.30-9.30 pm

‘Re: Birth and Death (with pubs!)’

Stories of birth, death and rebirth as we journey from Holborn into the City.

This is a guided walk distilled from a life-affirming mix of higher-brow and less-high-brow: a dram of history, a barrel-load of enjoyable stories and characters, a dollop of unexpectedly interesting locations, and a couple of stops in pubs to mull over a cocktail of related musings on this evening’s theme – plus a welcome refreshment or two!

We’ll be going from A (anaesthetists) to Z (Zeppelin air-raids) via R (‘Resurgam’ and Resurrectionists) along a scenic route from Holborn towards Aldersgate, where – like a famous 18th century churchman – you may find your heart becoming ‘strangely warmed’. Divine presence? Too many layers of clothing? One shot of whisky too many? You’ll have to be the judge!

If you’ve been on one of my previous evening walks that include interesting pubs, you’ll know the general form – fun on the run and good companionship.

Route starts near Holborn Tube station and ends near St Paul’s Cathedral. Precise locations will be confirmed after booking.

Due to the content of this tour and venues to be visited, it’s not suitable for under 16’s – sorry. Non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks or food in pubs along the route are at your own expense.

Book on Eventbrite: Re: Birth and Death (with pubs)!

Wednesday 19 Oct. 10.30am-12.00 pm

‘1066 – The Jews in Norman London’

Tracking back to how the Jewish story began on these shores.

950 years ago, the Norman Conquest ushered in a radical transformation of English society and brought with it the first documented Jewish settlers. Why did they come here, what roles did they play and what legacy remains?
Starting near Tower Hill, this walk explores the Jews in early medieval London. Location will be confirmed after you have booked.

Public transport may be used for part of this tour, please bring a valid ticket/Oyster/contactless bank card/pass.
Book via JW3.org.uk: Jews in Norman London – book via JW3.org.uk

Sunday 23 Oct. 10.30-12.30 pm

‘All aboard!’ Tracking Crossrail, Part 4: Limehouse to Canary Wharf

The fourth in a series that tracks above ground the route of Crossrail – sorry, the ELIZABETH LINE – as it travels from Paddington in west London out east into Docklands.
Whether you have been along on one of the previous walks or are tracking the new line for the first time, this is an enjoyable opportunity to find out about this major addition to London’s transport infrastructure. We’ll explore the most stunning new station at Canary Wharf and visit its roof-top garden, we can enjoy fine views over the Thames riverside around Limehouse Basin and West Ferry, and see once more those tell-tale signs of accelerating property development in the neighbourhoods touched by the golden tracks of London’s newest through-link. Plenty of interesting history and great sights on the way too!

Meet in Limehouse, details will be confirmed after you book. Ends at Canary Wharf.

Book on Eventbrite: Crossrail 4 – Limehouse-Canary Wharf walk

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Great Fire


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